Commercial kitchen canopies, canopy filters, extractor fans and ductwork.

30 years of experience in the trade serving restaurants and the catering industry.
Commercial kitchen canopies

Commercial Kitchen Canopies

Canopies remove air impurities, excess heat and grease as part of the extract system. We design, manufacture and install excellent quality stainless steel canopies including front and back of house overhead, wall mounted and island types made to requirements in line with DW/172 regulations.

Canopy filters

Canopy Filters

Canopy filters reduce the build up of grease around vent ducts and fans in the kitchen extract system. We supply a wide range of replacement canopy filters including stainless steel baffle, flame barrier, steel wire mesh, disposable panel and carbon bag filters as well as manufacture carbon cell filter units.

Ventilation ducting

Ventilation Ducting

Ventilation ducting moves the extracted air to a safe location usually via an outside wall or roof, it also brings in replacement air back to the kitchen. We can cover all your kitchens ductwork requirements including design, construction and installation as well as duct cleaning and servicing.

Kitchen extractor fans

Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fans

We supply a wide range of kitchen extractor fans including plate axial, cased axial, contra-rotating and turbo types of various brands such as Flakt Woods, Vent Axia, Soler & Palau and Ziehl-Abegg.

HSE regulations

Kitchen Ventilation HSE Regulations

Canopy 'edge to edge overhang'
The overhang distance from the outside edges of the equipment and the outside edges of the canopy is now required to be 300mm. Click here to find out more about how we can advise you regarding HSE safety regulations and for useful guideline documents.

Ventilation replacement make-up air
A kitchen ventilation system providing adequate replacement air is not an optional extra any more but a regulatory requirement. Click here to learn more about our replacement make-up air systems.

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